What we do

We are a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and a member of Nasco Insurance Group. We manage medical schemes on behalf of insurance companies, self-funded schemes, corporations, governmental institution and other entities. We do this locally, regionally and globally.

Our Values

We earn loyalty, we don’t expect it.
Because our clients are our first priority, and because we genuinely have their best interests at heart, we know how to listen, find solutions proactively and be responsive to their needs. We consider this our duty and part of the long-term commitment.

We think about what matters.
In a world full of cautions, terms and conditions, restrictions and small print, we look for the best solution for each client in an effort to meet every need.

We are as good as our word.
Because we employ the highest professional ethics in everything we do, we have earned a reputation for being an organization rooted in integrity. We don’t over promise, oversell or under deliver, which means we are as good as our word.

We are bold.
We are enterprising, resolute, and a determined partner who brings an inventive and resourceful approach to getting things done.

Our people

Right across Best Assistance, ethics and client service are drilled-in to every single team member. 

We are always on hand to serve and guide our diverse clientele through our solid team that is expert in Pre-Authorization, Claims Processing, Production and Underwriting, Customer Service, Providers agreements, as well as related insurance-specific services. Noting that over 65% of our team are medical and para-medical.

Our people are our great strength- they are skilled professionals committed to excellence.

Data Confidentiality

All data – Especially that of our customers – is subject to highly advanced security and confidentiality controls.