The Inception

Since its inception, Best Assistance committed itself, “To create a change in the field”. 
Best Assistance was launched in 2004, as part of Nasco Insurance Group, which was itself founded in Lebanon in 1969. Today, in addition to Lebanon, the Group operates across France, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq, Tunisia, Cyprus, Nigeria and Egypt.  

Best Assistance Growth

The TPA rapidly grew a reputation as a pioneer in the health care field.

As it evolved, the company forged a much-needed role as a provider of highly tailored, relevant solutions through the development of state-of-the-art technologies, systems and processes. 
As Best Assistance grew, the name of the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) changed. The decision, taken in conjunction with Nasco Insurance Group, reflected the rapid maturation of the company and its growing place in the market.

In January 2013, the company name changed to Best Assistance SAL in lieu of Bankers Assistance SAL. 
Consequently, the TPA confirmed its independence within the Nasco Insurance Group.
Our continued success is driven by our non-negotiable commitment to high ethical standards, trust, integrity, and transparency, this is in addition to our ability to adapt to business environments and diversification  – values that we have adopted from day one. 
‘There are no boundaries. Humanity is sacred, standards are high, and our word is always kept.’